Margaret Baudoin

Planner/ Grants Coordinator

Land Development 

As a Planner and Grants Coordinator, Margaret provides essential managment oversite to all assigned projects.  Major responsibilities include review of and compliance with comprehensive plan documents;  collection, research and data analysis; written recommendations for variances and exceptions to comp plan documents; and specific project overview with developers, landowners, municipalities, and local governments.   Margaret prepares numerous grant applications on the state and federal level and is skilled in design, budgeting, purchasing, inspection, and close-out.  Creativity in leveraging funds and taking advantage of grant cycles has enabled many clients to take full advantage of agency funding.   Her work experience includes community development where she served at the local government level prior to joining Melvin Engineering in 2006. Margaret is a member of the American Planning Association.  Her demonstration of outstanding character which includes the qualities of Determination, Endurance, and Thoroughness, is recognized by clients and co-workers alike.

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