Alfred Harrison

Environmental Specialist / Senior Inspector

Land Development - CEI

Since joining Melvin Engineering more than 10 years ago, Alfred has achieved much success in two areas of expertise:  Environmental survey, inspection, and analysis and construction engineering inspection.  He is a Certified Environmental Scientist and is listed on the National Registry of Environmental Professionals.  Alfred has attained certifications in construction inspection for asphalt, earthworks, and concrete, and is a certified Stormwater Management Inspector.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Georgia.  Always quick to volunteer to take on more assignments, Alfred's flexibility to serve where needed and whenever needed is a significant benefit to the Company and to our clients.

Brian Bearwood, RLA, AICP

Landscape Architect

Landscape Architecture/Environmental Services, Planning

As a Registered Professional Landscape Architect, Senior Biologist, Wetlands Specialist and Certified Planner, Brian brings his passion for the environment to the Melvin team.  He has vast experience in design, permitting, stream restoration, environmental impact analysis, environmental permitting, planning, and landscape architecture.  Having worked with Melvin Engineering since 1993, and subsequently joining the firm in 2006, Brian is responsible for all elements of landscape design and for determining the impact assessment of project design and alternative designs pertaining to social and environmental factors, technical writing, and agency and public interface.  In addition, Brian assists in planning, land use, permitting, compliance relative to comprehensive plans, implementation and project management. He holds a B.S., degree from Oregon State University and is licensed and registered in Oregon and Florida as a Registered Landscape Architect, and with the American Institute of Certified Planners.  A long-time Melvin Engineering Associate, Brian has been recognized for his character demonstrations of Creativity, Gratefulness, and Benevolence.

Evan McAllister

Grants Administrator / IT Manager


Evan joined Melvin Engineering in 1998.  He brought with him a determination and sense of loyalty that would allow him to apply his skill set to tedious and somewhat monumental tasks.  Currently, his responsibilities include administration of Community Development Block Grants, Economic Development Administration and other utility, transportation and infrastructure programs for local counties and cities throughout  Northwest Florida. Evan coordinates grant activites with local officials and serves as the liaison between grant applicants and funding agencies.  He has administered and continues to administer grant funded projects that total millions of dollars. He provides field support to engineering staff and assists with project coordination. 

Evan’s experience in information technology allows him to maintain and oversee the firm's computer network group and provide additional administrative support. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Valdosta State College, with a major in Communications and minor in Public Relations.  Evan consistently demonstrates good character and has been recognized for numerous qualities; among them are Generosity, Sincerity, and Benevolence. 

Jake Mathis

Engineer, Construction Engineering Inspection Division Manager

Construction Engineering Inspection

Jake joined the Melvin Engineering in 2005 having recently graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.  Jake's 10 years of experience as a roadway, site, and utilities design engineer and Project Manager uniquely qualify Jake to lead the Construction Engineering Inspection Division.  His project experience includes transportation and utility project management for cities and counties located throughout Northwest Florida and for the Florida Department of Transportation-District 3.  Jake approaches project management for design and inspection challenges creatively and with innovative thinking while ensuring compliance to standards and specifications.   Before transferring to FSU, Jake was a Pre-Engineering Major at the University of Alabama at Huntsville and Chipola College.  Jake's easy-going manner has won him accolades from clients, contractors, and co-workers alike.    

Kim Holloway, PE

Professional Engineer


Kim joined the Tallahassee team in 2000 on a part-time basis while she was attending Florida State University to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering which she did in 2003.  As a full time staff engineer, she began focusing on structural engineering.  In 2008, she earned her Professional Engineering certification.  Her responsibilities for project management include design and plans production and specifications.  She is proficient in structural software programs including RAM, RISA, AutoCAD Structural Suite and many more.  Recent projects include the structural design of National Guard Armories in Quincy, Tallahassee, Pensacola, Chipley, and Bonifay; a lead team member of the design of Walton Middle School, K-8 School in Jackson County, Altha School in Calhoun County, and the Bus Maintenance Facility for Leon County Schools. Considering Kim's attention to detail and the way in which she manages projects, it is understandable why her character and the qualities she demonstrate have been recognized by her supervisors.  Those qualities include Responsibility, Endurance, and Orderliness. Prior to attending Florida State University, Kim received her Associate of Arts Degree from Chipola College.

Marc Tomlinson

Project Manager


As a Project Manager in the Utilities Division, Marc provides technical assistance, design drawings and specifications, analysis of existing infrastructure, develops reports, performs field reviews and inspections, and ensures quality assurance of scaled engineered drawings. Since joining Melvin Engineering in 2007, his primary expertise is in the discipline of utilities design, including water, wastewater and natural gas.  Advanced calculations, cost estimates and technical proposals are also areas of expertise.  Marc works diligently to manage projects successfully while providing excellent customer service.  He earned an Associates of Science degree in Computer Graphics from Chipola College and earned his certification in AutoCADD from Tallahassee Community College. His is also certified in Asphalt Paving Level I & II and Earthwork Level I & II.  Recognized by his supervisors for the character qualities he exhibits, including Desiciveness, Thoroughness, and Initiative, he applies his knowledge in field operations to design issues which provides our clients with excellent design and simple operation.

Margaret Baudoin

Planner/ Grants Coordinator

Land Development 

As a Planner and Grants Coordinator, Margaret provides essential managment oversite to all assigned projects.  Major responsibilities include review of and compliance with comprehensive plan documents;  collection, research and data analysis; written recommendations for variances and exceptions to comp plan documents; and specific project overview with developers, landowners, municipalities, and local governments.   Margaret prepares numerous grant applications on the state and federal level and is skilled in design, budgeting, purchasing, inspection, and close-out.  Creativity in leveraging funds and taking advantage of grant cycles has enabled many clients to take full advantage of agency funding.   Her work experience includes community development where she served at the local government level prior to joining Melvin Engineering in 2006. Margaret is a member of the American Planning Association.  Her demonstration of outstanding character which includes the qualities of Determination, Endurance, and Thoroughness, is recognized by clients and co-workers alike.

Marti Vickery

Office Manager / Special Projects


Marti joined the firm in 2010. Her key responsibilities are office management and client and staff services.  She assists with special projects and marketing initiatives while applying her extensive skills in business and management, economic development, and knowledge of community projects. She plans and coordinates monthly staff meetings, community events, missions, and other targeted opportunities.   

Her formal education includes attending the Community College of the Finger Lakes and completion of Economic Development courses provided by the University of South Florida Small Business Development Center.  Her pleasant demeanor and determination to resolve issues before they become challenges makes her a welcome addition to our great staff.  

Mary Margaret Farris, EI


Land Development

Mary Margaret joined the firm in 1997 as a part-time General Office Assistant while pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering at Florida State University.  Upon completion of her degree, she became a full time engineer.  With several years' experience, her responsibilities have expanded to full project management for layout and design of many recognizable commercial and industrial sites located throughout Northwest Florida including The Vitamin Shoppe, Zaxby's, CVS Pharmacy, Tyndall Federal Credit Union, and the Penn Avenue Business Park.   Mary Margaret's multi-faceted projects require stormwater, local permitting plus environmental and landfill permitting, inspection, environmental site assessments, and roadway/sidewalk design.  She earned her Associate of Arts degree with Honors from Chipola College in 1997, her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 2000, and continues to add certifications to her professional resume including Engineering Intern, LEED Green Associate, Construction Document Specialist I, Construction Industry Technician, and Registered Environmental Property Assessor.  Noted for her easy-going and customer-friendly approach, she consistently demonstrates good character qualities for which she has been recognized.  Those qualities include Gentleness, Decisiveness, and Enthusiasm.

Rachel Durden

Financial Services Manager


Rachel holds the distinct honor of having been the second employee to become a member of the Melvin Team.  Since 1992, she has performed every administrative duty of the company.  She is currently responsible for the management of all financial activities.  Using sophisticated financial software including Florida Department of Transportation system interface, she is responsible for bookkeeping, accounts receivables and payables, invoicing, employee benefits administration (EEOC compliance, pension plan compliance, eVerify), financial audit coordination, and payroll.  She also establishes and maintains all financial records with respect to federal, state, and local grant funds compliance. She earned her Associates of Science degree from Chipola College.  Her historical knowledge of the company coupled with financial expertise provides invaluable insight to current and former clients and employees.  Recognized for her good character, qualities for which she consistently demonstrates include Alertness, Dependability, and Responsibility.

Rick Pettis, AICP


Land Development

Rick joined the firm in 2006 after a distinguished military career with the US Armed Forces followed by more than 13 years of experience in the public sector.  His knowledge of land development processes, procedures, and challenges serves as a significant asset to our clients.  When he became part of the Melvin Team, his primary purpose was to establish a much-needed Land Development Division.  Under his capable leadership, the division continues to grow in the areas of planning, comprehensive land use, comprehensive planning and EAR based amendments, grants administration, and technical assistance for compliance issues.  The most recent venture for the division is GIS mapping which will soon be available to assist clients in multiple applications including economic development and infrastructure location.  Rick earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Social Science and his Master of Public Administration degree from Troy State University.  He also holds certification as a Certified Planner from the American Institute of Certified Planners.  As a seasoned professional, Rick's character is consistent and steady even when faced with unpleasant conditions.  For those reasons, Rick has been recognized for demonstrating character qualities that include Generosity, Initiative, and Orderliness.

Rod Adams, PE

Professional Engineer


Rod joined Melvin Engineering in 2000 in the Transportation Division.  As a team leader for transportation projects, he is responsible for roadway design according to the Florida Depaertment of Transportation design standards and specifications, The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, and others. He has led the team on several large scale projects that span Northwest Florida. Rod's ability to recognize and solve design challenges lends well to the efforts and success of the entire Transportation Division. Rod holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering with Honors from the University of Florida and an Associate of Arts Degree with Honors from Chipola College.  He is licensed by the state of Florida and holds several certifications and qualifications, including Asphalt Paving, Level 1 and II, Asphalt Mix Design, ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician, Aggregate Field and Lab Testing Technician, LBR Technician, and Concrete Specifications 346 and 400.  His technical expertise and management style reflect his good character.  The qualities of his character that have been specifically recognized are Discretion, Diligence, and Availability.

Sandra Toole

Senior Inspector

Construction Engineering Inspection

Sandra joined the firm in 1999 as a draftsman.  With years of experience in drafting transportation projects, she now applies her extensive knowledge to actual roadway construction.  She quickly interprets plans, recognizes potential issues, and makes field decisions based on her technical and practical knowledge.  Effectively using her skills, she is able to communicate with and for designers and contractors to resolve challenges. Her efficiency and practical experience maximizes production ensuring that projects are completed on time and as designed. Sandra holds numerous certifications including Advanced Maintenance of Traffic, Concrete Field Inspector, Asphalt Roadway Level I and II, Earthwork Level I and II, Nuclear Radiation Safety, and Final Estimates I.  For her consistently good demonstration of character, she has been presented certificates for the character qualities of Resourcefulness, Patience, and Loyalty. 

Tony Peters



Tony joined the firm in 1999 working as a Draftsman in the Transportation Division.  He has converted his skills, experience, and knowledge gained into the position of Designer which he currently holds today.  His attention to detail and familiarity with design standards ensures high quality plans, design and production. He is proficient in drafting software applications including AutoCADD, MicroStation and Geopak and maintains his certifications as Geopak Quantity Manager, Microstation, and Geopak Road.  In addition to full time service with Melvin Engineering, Tony also serves in the Army National Guard as an E6 Staff Sergeant.  He has been deployed to the Middle East on two separate occasions.  He is a Certified Unit Victim Advocate.  His good character is consistently demonstrated with specific recognition for Virtue, Responsibility, and Meekness, as well as others.

Tracy Chambliss

Senior Designer


Tracy joined Melvin Engineering in 1997.  His expertise in roadway plans design and delivery contribute greatly to the success of quality plans production.  He possesses great skill and technical expertise in complex applications of AutoCADD, MicroStation, and Geopak.  In addition to full time service with Melvin Engineering, Tracy serves in the Army National Guard (E5-Sergeant) and recently completed a tour of duty in the Middle East.  Confidence and consistent performance in his work have earned him character quality recognitions which include Creativity, Discernment, and Wisdom.   

Welcome New Members of the Melvin Team

Photos will be posted as soon as possible.  In the meantime, we are pleased to introduce you to our newest Melvin Engineering Team Members!

Paul Davidson, EI, LEED AP, BD+C, Structural Engineer

Joining the Structural Division of Melvin Engineering with 3 years of experience after graduating from Florida State University, Paul hit the ground running, so to speak.  He obtained his Engineering Intern designation prior to graduating from FSU with a degree in Civil Engineering and recently completed his Master's degree in Construction Management from Florida International University.  He obtained designation as LEED certified and is a Florida Qualified Stormwater Management Inspector.  Paul's recent projects include the FSU Haskins area civil and structural design for drainage and parking improvements, Altha Public School Threshold Inspection, Kate Smith Elementary School Special Inspection, FSU Gunter Building Demolition, and SAIL High School Threshold Inspection.  

Jamie MacDonnell Graham, PE, Structural Engineer

A 10 year veteran of structural design, Jamie joined the Tallahassee Structural Division in November, 2015.   She is responsible for total project management including design, preparation of all documents related to permitting, construction, and bidding.  Her expertise lies in foundation design and windload analysis for residential modular homes and beachfront properties, as well as federal buildings and similar structures.  Her recent experience includes Project Manager of the Tallahassee National Cemetery, Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration; West Palm Beach VA Mental Health Domiciliary, Orion Motorsports Expansion, DaVita Dialysis Four Freedoms inspection, National High Magnetics Field Laboratory Maintenance Platform, and the Department of Management Services Senate Chamber Renovations.  Jamie is passionate about her field of work and is a strong supporter of community awareness of engineering.  She is active in the Florida Engineering Society and was nominated as the 2016 Young Engineer of the Year, is an advisor to upper level Engineering students, is an organizer for the Leon County Schools MathCounts competition, and has served as a judge for the State-wide competition.

C. J. Wyckoff, CEI Inspector

CJ joined Melvin Engineering when he decided to definitely make a career change from corrections to construction inspection.  Since March, 2016 after a 15 year career, CJ quickly turned his enthusiasm to learn, work with other team member, study to obtain certifications, and do whatever was necessary to become a Certified Inspector.  He is an intelligent, quick learner who has gained experience in two significant roadway projects - one in reconstruction and the other in milling and resurfacing.  To date, he has excelled in meeting the challenges of every assignment he has undertaken.  As a willing participant who brings value to the inspection team, he has gained certifications in Earthworks I and II and Asphalt Paving I and II along with obtaining his Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic designation.  CJ is an asset to the Melvin team and not only represents himself well to the Melvin team, but also to our clients and contractors.

Alicia Hicks-Coon, Master Landscape Architect

Alicia joined Melvin Engineering in August of 2016 in the position of Landscape Architect.  She is well-versed and experienced in landscape design, wetlands mitigation, permitting, and full project management.  Working with public and private clients, she brings the experience of managing landscape projects from concept, to plans and specifications, estimate, bidding, construction oversight, and project close-out.  Her experience extends throughout Northwest Florida including coastal projects in the South to pines and oak forests to the North.  Prior to joining Melvin Engineering, Alicia was responsible for the success of each project in addition to the long list of tasks involved in managing her own landscape design business.  Her recent experience includes working with private clients in developing subdivisions, designing and developing plans and specifications, providing architectural reviews, preparing as-built landscape and irrigation plans for contractors, and coordinating with federal, state, and local agencies regarding permitting and environmental compliance.

Ryan Hughes, Civil Engineer/Inspector

A recent graduate of Florida State University with a degree in Civil Engineering, Ryan joined the Melvin team in the Fall of 2016 and is currently assigned to the Construction Engineering Inspection Division.  His enthusiasm for the construction side of engineering was recognized during the interview process and now that he has completed several months of training, gaining certifications, and actual inspection, he is certain that this is where he wants to grow professionally.  Ryan quickly joined the team of inspectors on two significant roadway projects.  His ability to apply his knowledge to successful inspection and project management is a huge asset to Melvin Engineering.  Ryan's ability to read plans and specifications and understand the design intent of the engineer ensures that projects are built according to design.

Justin Hancock, Inspector

Justin joined Melvin Engineering in 2016, bringing his enthusiasm and excellent work ethic with him to our Construction Engineering and Inspection Division. His commitment to performing all duties within the CEI Division is apparent as demonstrated in current projects. He recently completed additional FDOT training, and is CTQP certified and qualified in Asphalt Roadway Levels I and II, Earthwork Levels I and II, Intermediate MOT, and Nuclear Radiation Safety. Justin is detail oriented, ensuring all paperwork is filed properly, activities are recorded accurately, and response to contractors and clients is immediate. His previous experience includes working with local contractor, GAC, and with the City of Indianapolis Public Works Department as community interface, emergency investigations, and inspection of roadways, parks, wastewater, and other public works areas of service.

Geoff Gonzalez, E.I., Engineering Support/BIM-CAD

Geoff joined the firm in 2017 with his B.S. in Civil Engineering, having attended Florida State University/Florida A & M College of Engineering. He provides excellent structural engineering support, including field documentation, design and detailing, calculations, and design drawings. His meticulous work adds tremendous value to any project he is assigned. Some recent projects include the Florida State University Kuersteiner and Opperman Building, Lawrence Commercial Systems, Jaguar Construction - Florida Healthcare Association, and the Florida Department of Health in DeFuniak  Springs.





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